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your journey begins at sunset
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13th-Jul-2006 06:14 am - Cannot Sleep
For some reason I just coud not sleep. I was tired last night, got into bed a bit after midnight, and all of a sudden I'm waking up around 5 or 5:30 and trying desperately to fall back asleep. It doesn't help that as soon as Loki noticed I was awake he started biting my toes, crawling all over me, nuzzling his head under my hands (then biting my fingers) and purring loud in my face. But here I am. It's just after 6 now and I still feel wide awake. I swear I only got maybe 4 hours of sleep or so, but I'm still awake. Thought I'd get up and try to do something, that it'd help me feel sleepy... I just tried scanning something, but it looks like my software needs to be reloaded, and I honestly don't feel like digging it out and trying to do that right now. If I could be doing anything right now, it'd be sleeping.

I spent the last hour laying in bed, trying to sleep, thinking of what it will be like moving into our new apartment. How it was going to look, since our floorplan is flipped from the one we were shown, where things were going to be arranged, what it may be like to have people over. Slightly lame perhaps? But it really is gonna be awesome. I pick up the keys saturday, and I got the money order for July's rent just yesterday. That means after work on Saturday Emily and I can officially start moving stuff in, or at the very least go over there and giggle lots. I have been inspired by a friend to just sit and chill sat. night with Em et al and drink to break in the weekend. Tempting, cuz it'll be something that will feel worth celebraating. Un-tempting because I despise the idea of passing out on the floor with no bed, blankets, or pillows. It's just me - I can't sleep well just on the floor. Well if we decide to do that maybe I'll throw blankets and pillows in my car~ Anyways, gonna go pack a bit and hope it makes me sleepy enough to try sleeping again.
12th-Jul-2006 11:42 am - Noon
I'm awake before noon! :D And I would have been out of bed even earlier if I had not been so comfortable.. and if I could have sunlight in my room to remind me that it's daytime. I really can't wait to move and have a room with light that actually comes in my window. It's just getting more and more exciting. My current apartment is becoming more and more of a mess, especially my bedroom, which is quite impressive seeing as there has not been more than a bed and nightstand in it all year. It will also be nice to have a room with STUFF in it! I even found two posters I really wanna get for my room :)

As excited as I am to move, it does make me feel like I have a lot to do this week... a lot that will be accompanied by constant Jazz as background music, thanks to my last class here. It wouldn't be so bad if I liked jazz more... or wasn't being forced to listen to it. /sigh/
-Call Xcel Energy
-Call Comcast
-Change address for all bills and mail (Visa, Bank, Discover, T-Mobile, Omax, VS, etc)
-Finish packing
-Clean current apt (includes renting a shampooer for poor carpet)
-Wal Mart run! :D Need a few things, like a bookshelf
-Must... replace... bathroom shower curtain, rug, and mat
-Break in new apartment! ;D
-Don't forget to go to class. And listen to Jazz music.
10th-Jul-2006 10:50 am - Good Morning
Just a little bit of random fun to start off the morning.. since I'm miraculously awake before noon.

(Click here to post your own answers for this meme.)

× I miss somebody right now. I don't watch much TV these days.  (Unless you count the Food Network...) I own lots of books.
I wear glasses or contact lenses.  (Should wear them more often. Hehe) I love to play video games.  (KH2 for the win!) × I've tried marijuana.
I've watched porn movies.  (I finally found one I want to own!) × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. I believe honesty is usually the best policy.  (stress the 'usually' part.)
I curse sometimes. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
it goes on...Collapse )

Stolen from Mel... for no good reason...

My journal is called ____ because ____.
My friends page is called ____ because ____.
My username is ____ because ____.
My default userpic is ____ because ____.

My journal is called 'your journey begins at sunset' because it's gotta start sometime... KH reference.
My friends page is called 'partners in crime'.. because that is usually what friends are
My username is 'navale' because it's italian, and when I was younger I thought it meant something different than it really did. -_-;
My default userpic is one of the twins from Ouran High School Host Club as an angel, because I love the series and love the icon. And I'm an angel... :)

I got to see Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday! Hell yes! It was cool. There was an awful lot going on in it, but somehow it managed to maintain a fun yet frenzied pace. I also gained the honor of eating a piece of my favorite chocolate while waiting for the movie to get closer to start time... mmmm yay for Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory. Found a cute coffee place while waiting too, and I've decided to steal their leather loveseat. It was so goddamn comfy. Anywho, today I plan to relax (alone), clean out my car so I can fit boxes in it for the move, clean more of my apartment, go to the bank, and pack more! My last class ever starts tomorrow - History of Jazz. Hehe rock on. Sucks to be starting a new class, but it rocks that it's the last one. Oh... perhaps I should go buy my text book too.... or perhaps I'll wait till tomorrow after class. Yes.... that will do.
I let loose this last week. And I mean it. I have never done that much partying, spent that much time consecutively with people, or been that crazy... especially in just one week of my life. I feel like all of the dumb college experiences I should have had over the last four years caught up to me in one nutty week, and I'm not even sure if some of it should really have gone on. It was generally fun, but now I really feel like I need a break from people in general - especially the people I saw so much of over the last few days. I barely spent more than 2 hours alone all week. I feel so out of it, so very much not like myself, and it might be a little hard to get back into the swing of things. But I can say that I will not be doing much drinking, partying, or hanging out for a while. I need it. Alone time. Ah....

On the plus side of all the crazy ness... 4th of July rocked! Me, Em, Ryan, and Chris all hung out up at Chris' cabin in Nederland, drinking and playing Twister. It was just a complete blast, minus the rain killing our fire and therefore any possible attempt to make food... just means we got drunk faster. Hehe :P Today Em and I went and signed our lease, and next week we get our keys and start moving in. It's freaking awesome. We're totally excited. I've finally started packing, since it has occurred to me because of work and school I only have limited time to actually move and need to have everything ready to go. But for once packing is fun to some extent, and I'm really glad to be doing it. It's gonna be great.
2nd-Jul-2006 02:48 pm - Waste of day? I think not
kick ass
Yesterday was saturday, which is usually a work day for me. It's been a long time since I've done something besides work on a saturday. Alas yesterday I took Emily to the ER and we were there so long that I missed all of work. Most people may not think a trip to the ER could be fun either, but since she wasn't dying, and I was running low on sleep, we managed to chat the whole time (me being completely silly of course) and have a decent time. Went to Qdoba afterwards, and it was yummy~ oh and she should pretty much be ok. I'm gonna call her in a bit to make sure she feels better :P

STILL have not gotten a hold of Welsey all week. Now it's just making me really really annoyed. I hate not getting calls back from people, or not being able to get a hold of them. Plus, if I don't get a hold of him this weekend, then once again I get to go another week without seeing him, which will make this 3 weeks, which is not cool to me. It's not that I'm clingy and need to see him, but when I only get one chance a week anyways, and I'm still trying to get to know him and spend time with him, it sucks to miss a chance. And I'm just really annoyed that I can't get a hold of him! Pah. Men. I'm going grocery shopping. I need food badly.
30th-Jun-2006 06:01 pm - Cats like boxes
Well I would have to say that I'm feeling better as of today. I've spent time with some friends, talking and hanging out, and it really does make me feel better. I hope I never let myself forget that I have good friends around, especially when I need them. Last night I hung out with Chris for a bit~ just chatted and watched a movie. But we were up a bit late, and man did I sleep well once I finally got in bed.

Today Em and I hung out and went (again) to Cost Plus World Market. We got the wind chime I love! It's a ship! Like a pirate ship... or chinese boat.. or something. Hehe. But it's pretty, and it was on clearance~ we love it. We're still thinking of getting a pirate flag to put outside our deck too, since there's a flag-pole stand on the wall... yay :) We also got a pretty lantern for our living room. I was gonna buy one for my room, but the one I wanted wasn't on sale. I'm gonna go back and get one when I have more money. We finally decided who gets which room~ we did rock paper scissors to decide, best 2 out of 3, and I won the master bedroom for the first go (Woohoo!) We're probably gonna switch half-way through our lease, so we can each have it, either after 6 months or 1 year, depending on how long we plan to stay. We'll decide that later~

Well I just did a bit of packing. I had five boxes, and I managed to fill them all up with just (most) my books. So pretty much it looks like I haven't packed at all. Hopefully Chris will remember to swipe me some boxes tomorrow from the freight coming in at work. Packing just my books was quite the game when it came to Miki and Loki. Silly cats just had to get in the middle of it all! Miki would jump inside the boxes right before I put something in, and as soon as I finally got stuff in the boxes Loki tried to eat them. I just hope my boxes survive until the move...
29th-Jun-2006 12:18 pm - Getting There
For some reason I'm still feeling emotionally worn out. My period is over, as of today (HOORAY)... maybe it's just cuz I woke up recently. Who knows. I did get to talk with Wesley the other day though, which made me feel a little better. But I didn't get a chance to let him know how I've been feeling, so I'm still slightly moody about that because I haven't been able to tell him. Poor guy hasn't even done anything wrong, but I just need to get it out for my own sake, so he understands and I can feel better. I'm really hoping I'll get that chance later today.

I feel like at the moment I don't have a lot to look forward to, at least over this next week or so. I guess I get to spend my time cleaning and starting to pack... it'll be great to move in with Emily finally. But besides that maybe I just still am feeling under the weather or something. I feel like I need more to do... more free things to do. I do know that perhaps I should take my car in for an oil/filter change. Which I don't have the money for. I also know that I may not feel a whole lot better until I get to talk to Wesley and let out what has me feeling kinda blah. Without telling him it just feels like I'm holding things in and letting myself suffer.
27th-Jun-2006 11:39 am - Why does it suck so much?
Well lo and behold, it's finally tuesday. And wow did yesterday suck in so many ways. I had a friend around all day to keep my mind off things, but I just felt crappy most the day. I'm disappointed. I'm sure Wesley has noooo idea how bothered I am about not getting to see him or even hearing from him yesterday... I have my reasons, and they stem from fears and insecurities from past relationships. I needed him here for me this week. Plus it's my lucky time of the month, so I feel that much more moody about it. But it's upsetting. This week, more than any other I can think of so far, I needed his attention. I plan to explain this all to him once I finally do get to talk to him... I just wish it didn't get to me so much. And it wouldn't, if it were any other week this month. He honestly didn't do anything extremely wrong either, except my pet peeve of saying you'll call someone later then just not calling. And I hope he has a good reason too. But for my own reasons, this all sucks for me. And I get to just deal with that for at least the next week, cuz even if I do get to talk to him I won't get to see him till next weekend at the earliest cuz of schedules. Upsetting. I wanna call him, but I just really want him to call me instead. I hate this.
26th-Jun-2006 12:12 am - I hate feminine cycles
I hate this time of the month. Today I have just felt so moody, and I'm just not used to it anymore. It's been years since I've experienced girly mood swings. Ugh. I hate them. I just feel so wimpy today. All I want is attention. From Wesley. But he spent the whole day helping a friend move, so I got nothing. And I'm trying to not let it bother me, cuz it's honestly no big deal - we didn't have plans or anything. I knew he was going to help his friend move. I was just hoping he'd get the time to come see me tonight. But since it's my lucky time of the month I can't help but thinking things such as "Does he just not want to spend time with me?", "Is he avoiding me?".. and feeling that I just want someone to pay me more attention, to actively want me around. And it's not that he doesn't, I know my thoughts are silly, but since I'm moody I want to be able to see it, hear it, feel it. I want to be held, told he's glad to see me, that after a long week it's nice to just cuddle together.

I hate it when I get whiney just cuz I don't get what I want... especially cuz I know it's mostly cuz I got the idea in my head that things would go a certain way (such as, I'd get to see him tonight), and I can't help but get slightly disappointed when they DON'T go the way I hoped. it's dumb. I'm feeling down cuz I didn't get to see him today.. but I'll probably get to see him tomorrow, yet that just doesn't make right now feel better. ARGH. I can't wait till next week, when I don't feel like this. I just feel so needy, that I need attention to make me feel better. And I didn't get it, so here I am, whimpering on a sunday night because I wanted attention and didn't get it. Back into my streak of bad sundays. Stupid world. The day wasn't even bad, but of course with it ending on a bad note (aka not the way I hoped), it makes it all feel bad. Blah.
25th-Jun-2006 11:52 am - July is gonna be awesome me hopes
I spent Friday... most of it, driving around Broomfield with Emily checking out what we'll be living near. And I have to admit, we're both extremely excited all over again. Everything within a 10-15 radius is awesome! Even the King Soopers up the street from us is brand new and really nice, not to mention the plethora of restaurants up the road and tons of great shops. And it all looks so new! We're going to be living next to a LOT!Collapse )
The point is, if we ever need an excuse to spend money, we live in an area full of possibilities. Hehe even after looking around in the nearby liquor store we got excited talking about the stuff we could get for the parties we plan to host, and I got uber excited when I realized they had the wine I liked from Maui that I had tried years back during a family visit! We honestly spent about 6 hours driving around looking at everything, and we were really only 10 minutes around our apartment.... which we will be signing the lease for on the 7th, and getting the keys for on the 15th! We also picked out a pretty light greyish/bluish/purpley color to paint one of our walls in the living room. It was either that or pink, green, blue, or yellow... all too bright. But we like the color we picked out, and we're both really REALLY excited to move in now.

I'm actually glad that I need to clean my apartment soon... and clean it out even. I plan to start packing up unneaded things soon so that our move isn't too rushed. I'd like to have as much ready to go as possible by the middle of July so that we can just do it during the time we have and be able to get out of our current places and clean them all up in time. Hehe yaaaay I'm so excited! We still have to decide who gets which bedroom, but that's about the worst of it (except for paying to transfer bills such as Excel and Comcast. Ew.) I also get to look forward to not only getting back my deposit from my current place, but also the $100 we will each get from Rent.com for finding our apartment through them. Ahhh I love the internet... and I know I'll receive it because I did the same thing last year :P

The only thing that could make my life better at the moment? Well... if I had more money. lol after going on vacation this past week my paycheck was kinda low... which is horrible horrible timing!!! For the next few weeks it is Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale AND Cost Plus World Market's Semi-Annual Clearance! My two FAVORITE STORES! Must.... make... smart... choices! ACK! I am weak... I already bought a few things from World Market when I was out with Emily... but they were on Clearance and I didn't even spend $20! I needed new towels... so there! :P I'll try to be good... Anything else that could make my life better at the moment? To already be in my new apartment with Emily maybe, but alas I shall be patient! Now I think I shall go eat, work out, and start relaxing... and hope that Wesley calls me back to let me know what he's up to so we can try to get together on these meager two days when he's free each week. le sigh~
21st-Jun-2006 02:50 pm - I am a horrible person. lol
Why you may ask? Why do I belittle myself so? Because just last night I told a friend (honestly) that I couldn't go out cuz I couldn't afford to. This is not a horrible thing. But the fact that today, when I went to get cat litter at PetSmart... which is right next to Ross... well I ended up doing girly shopping. Yes. I do not have money until friday, but I could not hold back. I even bought a pair of those wedge sandals that are so popular right now. I HATE them. But I found a pair that isn't so clunky and stupid, and are actually very simple and extremely comfortable.... and they matched the skirt and sundress I found, so I bought them. ACK! I have once again bought into a fad that I have criticized Boulder for displaying. First gaucho pants, now this. *sigh* So to you, Chris, I am sorry I ended up not coming to the movies with you guys. I was trying to be good, but now I have failed. Hahahahahaha~ well I'm happy! I found a really cute dress, and skirt, both of which I've been really wanting. So yay!

The weather today is extremely nice, surprisingly. Not too hot. It's only 75 outside, and it's technically the hottest part of the day. There's even a nice breeze. I think I just may have to go for a walk later. But first, I shall try to keep up with my goal of working out every day. I've got a really good aerobics DVD that I enjoy lots~ just gotta do it! Striptease Aerobics with Carmen Electra may SOUND lame, but trust me, it's fun, and the one DVD devoted to a regular workout (vs a dance workout) is awesome... you all better watch out! I feel the confidence to do something crazy... like table dance!

In recent news, I have found a solution to my pale white-girl legs! No skin cancer involved, or ugly fake tans. The secret lies here. Bwuahahaha!
19th-Jun-2006 09:03 pm - A light is shining through
wah wah!!!
They are now officially 'Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pummer'. It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding, and the reception was great. I didn't cry thousands of tears like I thought I may. I got sniffles during the vows though, cuz I was standing right behind the bride and could see Chris' face full of love and happiness as he said them to Sarah and slid the ring on her finger. I'm so happy for them, I know they have the love, communication skills, and passionate drive that will help them to have a completely successful and fulfilling marraige. So congratulations, Chris and Sarah Pummer. I love you both.

The trip was actually really great! I feared it was going to be slightly stressful, but Sarah and Chris were so well in control of everything and had it all taken care of even months in advance. So the fact I was there a few days early, and an extra day afterwards... well it was completely relaxing. I spent most my spare time enjoying idle chatter and gossip with Sarah and my fellow bridesmaids. It was great to see Jessica Preciado, Cammie, and even Lauren (Sarah's younger sister, who I apparently get along wonderfully with and have much in common) :) It was also great to see Sarah's parents. They're wonderful~ Chris' parents were so nice this week too, and great conversation when they took me to the airport as well. The hotel we stayed in was owned by Chris' aunt Sharon, who was so sweet! And the rooms were neat~ we had a HUGE bathtub in the middle of our room, jacuzzi style! It was so awesome ~! I want one. Hehe

So now that I'm back I'm just trying to get into the swing of life again, and taking some steps in my life to sort things out and make me feel better about things in general. This includes making some goals to lose a bit of weight, along with career goals, and relationship workings. I had an appointment with Career Services today and got some great tips I think should help me out. I'll be going back once I have a resume together to get it critiqued and improved. I spent some time with Wesley too, which was nice since we don't get the time to see each other more than maybe once per week. We spent most our time relaxing on the couch watching TV, and despite how boring that sounds the cuddling was extremely nice~
11th-Jun-2006 03:08 pm - T-minus...uh, this Friday!!!!
Whoo so it's only a few days away. Friday afternoon Sarah and Chris are officially tying the knot. I've been talking with Sarah on the phone the last few days, and I really think everything will go smoothly. Chris and Sarah aren't too stressed, and they have everything under control. Once I arrive it's my job to be 'riot-control' as Sarah has dubbed it. But honestly they're very organized and have everything in control. YAY! I know Melissa won't be the same for her wedding - she's just a different person from Sarah. She'll want more help and others opinions as she goes along, which will 1- make her wedding a bit more fun to be a part of, and 2- make the whole experience just that much more stressful for everyone. Lol but oh well. For now I'll worry about Chris and Sarah. I just wish I could afford to give them a Wedding Present. They'll just have to wait until I have more money. Honestly I know they're just so happy people are COMING to their wedding that they don't care much about gifts for now.

Well I leave tuesday morning to go to PA. Gotta do some laundry tomorrow and clean my apartment before I go. Why clean if I'm leaving you may ask? Because my cats will eat/destroy everything I leave out. Gonna pack tomorrow too~ Today so far I've ran the last few errands I needed to, minus getting cat food (Sorry Kitties... gonna go after this). Picked up a suh-weet! strapless bra at VS to wear under my maid of honor dress, and it rocks. Low cut too, so very useful for things such as halter tanks and low-cut shirts.... plus it's a push up.. haha yay. Anywho. Picked up a larger makeup bag when I was out too, cuz I just never had a large enough one to fit my shampoo and curlers and larger stuff. So yay for shopping! I'm really looking forward to going to PA, even though it may be a bit stressful. It'll be cool to visit with everyone, and it just may feel like a REAL vacation! I hope so. I'm trying to pretend it is. lol
Gotta go buy some cat food, give Em a call, and try to hit up Pearl Street for the Boulder Jewish Festival. Emily is most likely taking me to the airport on Tues morning, and I think we may (finally) have a sleepover the night before since we have to go in the morning. :) Yay for sleepovers~ and I reallllly wanna watch 'The Chipmunk Adventure' with someone. I picked it up the other day now that it's FINALLY on DVD. Best childhood movie evar~ Anywho time jet~ away I go! YAY!
9th-Jun-2006 03:50 pm - Aaaaaawkward...
So I ran by my favorite store today, Cost Plus World Market, and had an interesting experience... Apparently Kris works there. Ex-roommate/good-friend Kris. Shocker. I thought she did CNA work, not retail at my favorite store. This is odd to me for a few reasons... one- it's my favorite store, and while I was there I was getting an application. Now I don't know if I should turn it in or perhaps look for a different location.
Honestly, I was surprised to see her, but I said 'Hi' and kinda tried to start a small conversation. I don't know if she was just shocked to see me, was apalled at the fact I tried to talk with her, or both, but it was definitely awkward. I still wonder why things got so dramatized between us. Honesly as far as I recall we were both just really annoyed with each other as roommates. How she became my 'mortal enemy' I do not know. I've tried e-mailing her before, called her right after everything went down, but I suppose she's just not interested in mending the patch in the several-year good friendship we had. Or maybe she's just stubborn. I dunno. But it's definitely odd. Almost makes me a little sad. Partly cuz I lost someone I used to be close to, and part because now I know working at my favorite store would be an awkward experience~ lol Well at least it doesn't scare me away from shopping there. I like it too much to let anything stop me. Hahaha :D
9th-Jun-2006 12:59 pm - I Look Forward To It
Once again I am in the mood for margaritas. Funny, cuz it's only 1pm and I've just recently woken up. Hahahaha~ NO I'm not becoming an alcoholic, but I don't drink often so I am entitled to a drink once in a while! Especially on a payday like today :P

Today... well it's my day off. Not too uncommon... I look forward to it because I know I actually have things to do. I leave tuesday for Pennsylvania, so today I plan to pick up a thing or two I'll need for the wedding. Also, Emily and I have planned a sleepover, with bit of fun thrown in. So I am happy~ we talked about going swimming earlier, so hopefully we'll get to do that. w00t! It's been a while since our last sleepover, so this should be fun.

On a random note... my friends are highly amusing... Mikey did this. Hahahaha I am amused. This is the whole reason I bothered to post right now....
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