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Day Off~ 
28th-Aug-2006 05:46 pm
So I finally built the hutch that goes with my desk. And all I can say is "YAY" :) I am happy with it, and I even have adorned it with my miniature statues (found them while cleaning) of Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum that I bought in Rome a long time ago. Ahhhh Roma, ti amo. I am happy for this, because honestly... it's the only thing I've done today besides punish my cat and brush up on my Guitar Hero skills. >< Em and I have vowed to have our apartment completely clean and COMPLETELY unpacked in all senses by this Friday for our housewarming shindig. I do believe I have invited most the people who read this... Stefan, Gregg, Melissa, Taylor, Chris. You must all come. RSVP to me if you haven't already. Or I shall call and stalk you all. :) And just in case we didn't let you know, if you plan to drink (and yes there will be some liquor) please come equipped with cash donation. And dressed for a hawaiian beach party, since that's our theme. OR ELSE. o_O

Well now that my computer desk is mostly set up... off I go to tackle more of my room and the junk left in there. Blah. But I can't wait till Em gets home from work and sees my hutch. She shall be proud of me, and there will be much rejoicing *cue 'Yaaaay'*... and then much cleaning left to do. /sigh/
29th-Aug-2006 03:50 am (UTC) - OMG a theme party!!!!
How much of a donation are you thinkin? (just so I know to make sure and have that much on me)
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