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your journey begins at sunset
To draw or not to draw!! 
10th-Aug-2006 02:12 am
I shall never listen to jazz music again. The last several hours have been... torture. Thank God for SoBe Adrenaline Rush.

On another note, Chris has been trying to convince me that in my approaching spare-time (thanks to graduating) I should *cue dramatic music* write/illustrate a webcomic!!! Melissa, you may remember my ridiculous spoof 'Shojo no Adventure', a general spoof of 'Magic Knights Rayearth' amongst every other anime genre. It has since changed names to 'Radial Flux' (much cooler sounding). Most the characters are either based on people I know (at least by looks), or are taken and made fun of from other series/genres/characters. For example.. one of the villains is a Trekkie. The lead characters are three school girls turned 'magical-girl' based on myself, Sarah, and Melissa. The Cheshire Cat is a cute cat girl who appears every once in a while to riddle-me-this, and is based slightly on you Taylor! She is a product of the Page Maester (yes Maester like in FFX), who weaves tall tales to ensnare our heroines (did I mention she's a lesbian?). There is a holy Flamingo, who is the messenger of Lucifer, who makes regular appearances (and is of course a bishounen, or 'beautiful man' for those of you who don't get anime-lingo). And above all, the story takes place on a planet called 'Bishounia', which is massly populated by gorgeous anime men. :D Anywho... a webcomic could take a lot of work, especially since I haven't fine-tuned all the areas of the plot yet.

So my question is... who thinks I should do it? Who would care, or find it amusing? And how often would you suggest I update it if I do it? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Montly? Daily?
There would of course, be a guide for all those of you who aren't familiar with things such as 'bishounen', 'magical girls', and the many anime cameos that will occur. Anywho, just wanna get a feel for if it would be a worthy endeavor or not.
10th-Aug-2006 05:36 pm (UTC)
Ha ha... It sounds interesting, and I would be very interested to see it. Depending on how entertaining it is, I'll let you know how often you should update :-p
10th-Aug-2006 07:37 pm (UTC) - DO IT.....Do It......do it
yeah, you should totally do it, but you know i think that already! I think you should do it at your own pace first....maybe write up like 5-10 of the first updates then start posting them so you have some buffer time in case you get behind.
11th-Aug-2006 03:20 am (UTC)
SHould a character be inspired by me... all I ask is that he wears a giant sombrero :-D
20th-Aug-2006 05:11 pm (UTC)
Do it! You should absolutely make a web comic of Radial Flux. XD I remember that story~ It has changed quite a bit, huh? But do it!! Please?
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