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your journey begins at sunset
Busy Bee 
7th-Aug-2006 05:50 pm
wah wah!!!
Ahh time to relax. The last few days have been especially busy. It's almost refreshing, but it really reminds me that I just need more time to chill. Then again, since Emily is on vacation, chilling means being alone with my cats, which is most likely a part of why I've kept so busy the last few days...

Friday I got to hit up a Jazz Club in Denver with my friends from my museum class back in May. Nicole, Kirsten, Emily S. (yes another Emily) and I all went and listened to a jazz set, then went and hit up the club next door (which was pretty exclusive looking with all the fancy red carpets and velvet rope). We got lucky and bypassed the huge line and were let in in front of everyone cuz we convinced Emily to go chat up the bouncer. She asked if we could get in, he asked if we were all female, she said yes, he wanted to check us out, we came over, and he let us inside in front of everyone. W00t. Talk about feeling special. Hehe. It was a cool looking place too, but I have to admit the people were extremely fake and snobbish, nowhere near as laid back as Boulder. Speaking of Boulder, after that we hit up the Boulder Theatre, then the Pearl St Pub, and then crashed at Nicole's place, which is very awesome.

Fast forward to the next night, after work, I spent several hours with Debbie and Punkin's kittens. The little black one - Cinders as I have dubbed her, whom I adore and wish I could bring home, cuddled right up in my lap and just crashed for a while. SO CUTE! Anywho, was out late chatting it up over at Debs. Next day, hit up Taylor's B-day BBQ in Boulder and had a great time. Wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to hit up another jazz performance that afternoon for my class. Silly me saw a sign for a jazz trio while I was at the Pearl St Pub on friday night taking shots with my girls, wrote the info down on the back of a coaster and pocketed it. :P Anywho, got Chris and Ryan to go with me and we just chilled for a bit.

The rest of last night was pretty laid back. Got together with Crystal, and we just hit up Macaroni Grill for dinner (Way good food) then bummed around my place watching 'Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason'. Today after class I met up with Nicole and gave her a ride home, and gave her her bra back (she had borrowed a strapless one from me on FRI and left hers in my apt). We chatted for a bit, hit up Savers and ended with disappointment, then got some burgers at the place nearby. All in all fun yet relaxing. And now I'm at home, glad to be here, and plan to stay in the rest of the night relaxing more.

I plan to make some necklaces for my cousins, one of which had a birthday last month, and the other of which is having a birthday this month. Gonna also try to clean up the last of my boxes in the living room so Emily doesn't come back home to the same mess she left behind. I don't want the stress around for either of us. The less stress the better :D So off I go, to clean and chill and maybe play video games with Chris later.
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